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Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Cognos BI resource 050311-001

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Over 12 Years of experience in IT includes 10 Years of experience in all phases of data warehouse development lifecycle, from gathering requirements to testing, Application Design, Development, implementation, and support. 2 Years in Web and Windows Application design and development using Microsoft technologies.

• Extensive experience in design and implementation of Data marts and Data warehouses using Cognos Suite 7 (Impromptu, Transformer, Power play, ReportNet) ; Cognos 8.1/8.2/8.3/8.4 BI.
• Experience on Cognos 8 BI tools (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Metric Studio, PPES, PowerPlay Transformer, Data Manager, Cognos Macros) as a developer, administrator and Architect.
• Expert in creating Data Models in the Framework Manager from various data sources.
• Generated different kinds of reports in ReportStudio & QueryStudio, created templates and multilingual reports. Deployed the reports into various environments like test and production.
•Migrated Cognos Series 7 catalogs and reports to Cognos 8 using utilities.
• Star Schema and Snowflake Schema used in relational, dimensional and multidimensional modeling.
•Solid understanding of data warehousing, OLTP and OLAP concepts. Performed data extracts.
• Working knowledge of designing multidimensional architecture for Extract, Transform, Load environment with Informatica and Cognos tools.
• Have experience in IWR (Impromptu Web Reports), Publishing using Upfront, maintaining Users, User classes, Deployment, Scheduling the Reports and sending Updated Reports to Recipients through E-Mail by using Notice Cast.
• Provided technical and functional consulting to corporate and divisional users for Cognos.
• Experienced in Data Mining, Multidimensional Data Analysis using Power Cubes.
•Extensively worked with databases like SQL Server 2000/2005/2008; Oracle 9i/10g.
•Experienced in Installing & configuring various Cognos environments. Customized environments using Cognos SDK.
• Good team player with excellent communication skills, analytical and learning new technologies.
•Strong experience in Client interaction and understanding business applications, business data flow and data relations.
•Having domain expertise in Finance, Insurance, Healthcare and Manufacturing.







Framework Manager, Analysis Studio, Report Studio, Metric Studio, Event Studio

COGNOS connection, Framework Manager, Query studio, Report studio, Management Tools, Server Administration Tools, Configuration Manager, Scheduler.

COGNOS Impromptu Administrator, Impromptu User, Impromptu Web
Reports, COGNOS PowerPlay Transformer, PowerPlay User, PowerPlay
Web Reports, PowerPlay Enterprise server, Upfront Administration,
Access Manager, LDAP Server, Configuration Manager, Scheduler.

Informatica Power Mart 4.7, Power Centre 4.7, ER win 4.0, Cognos
Decision Stream 7.1

Ms-DOS, Windows 95/98/2000, NT, SCO-UNIX

SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, VB 6.0, ASP.Net, VB.Net

SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Oracle 9i/10g, DB2, MS-Access

MS-Office 2003, Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point

Toad, FrontPage, Visual Interdev


AIG Insurance, NYC, NY
Cognos Architect

Project Description: AIG is a is a world leading property-casualty and general insurance
organization serving more than 40 million clients in over 160 countries and jurisdictions.
Worked on several projects like LRMS (Liquidity Risk Management System) and RPC (Regional
Pricing committee) for the enterprise Risk Management Team and Marketing Risk Management

LRMS Application is a Liquidity risk management system for calculating Assets Cash flows,
Liquidity Cashflows for various buckets. The systems also shows Sensitivities in the reports.

Regional Pricing Committee system helps in estimating Market Price, compare Market prices,
calculate variance between month ends for various products of the types Fixed Income and

• Involved in interacting with the Business Analysts/Users to get the high level
requirements and translating them to functional definitions, and ultimately to technical
design and implementation.

Performed data quality analysis, gathered information to determine data sources, data
targets, data definitions, data relationships, and documented the business rules.
• Worked with data architects to develop data models, design specifications, and
metadata documentation.
•Prioritized the deliverables for the Developers based on Business priority.
•Interacted with the supporting IT groups, in order to ensure that there wouldn't be any
delays which would slow down the project progress..
• Analyzed the old reports in Java and did a reverse engineering to come up with the
design of Data Marts.
•Designed Data Marts with various Dimensions and Fact Tables.

(10/09) – Till Date

Implemented several complex queries in SQL and used Report Studio.
Used JavaScript to validation of prompt page and created several Conditional Block in
reports to display different outputs based on prompt page selections.
• Designed and implemented security at different levels, one at Framework Manager,
other at folder level in Cognos Connection and third was data level security built at division
• Involved in defining mappings to build the Framework Manager Model and Package
with customized Query Subjects and Query items and published package from Framework
Manager to Cognos Connection.
•Presented the report deliverables to the Business Users for UAT and implemented the
changes based on their recommendations.
• Extensively involved in writing Oracle PL/SQL Procedures, Triggers, Views,
Materialized views and Sequences for the application.
•Involved in scheduling, distributing, bursting of reports.
•Involved in developing POC using Cognos TM1.
•Migrated successfully Cognos 8.4.1 reports to Cognos 10.

•Environment: Cognos 10, Cognos 8.4.1 BI(Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio, Event
Studio and Metric Studio), Cognos TM1, Oracle 11i, PL/SQL Developer,PVCS, Windows 2003

Lead Cognos Developer

Project Description: UBS Wealth Management Reporting portal is highly functional and
Interactive portal where management, advisors can track client portfolio’s, identify the trends
and events affecting global and local markets, and apply them to the interests and financial
objectives of private clients.

• Interacting with the users for understanding of Data Analysis and gathering business
• Prepared all the required documents for Cognos objects like high level design
documents, unit test plan documents.
•Worked with users for design finalizations and assessments of the requirements.
•Extracted and Transformed data from Heterogeneous Databases based in SQL Server
2005, DB2 UDB and Oracle 10g using Decision Stream.
•Presented proof of concept to demonstrate that heterogeneous data sources can be used
in Cognos.
•Worked with data architects to develop data models, design specifications, and metadata
•Assist in the development and architecting data warehouse initiatives and reporting needs
for the business.
•Design and create complex framework manager models connecting to various databases
like Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 UDB in a single model. Also making the model
consistent with the reporting requirements.
•Performed model refinement from time to time to enhance performance by incorporating
lookup tables to avoid CASE and DECODE statements used at Framework Manager
• Involved in defining mappings to build the Framework Manager Model and Package
with customized Query Subjects and Query items and published package from
Framework Manager to Cognos Connection.
•Created folders, filters, prompts, and complex business calculations in Framework
Manager Model.
• Expertise in developing Standard Reports, List Reports, Cross-tab Reports, Charts,
Multiple-levels of Drill through Reports and Master Detail Reports Using Report
•Created Ad-hoc reports in Query Studio for users.
•Customized reports using Cognos SDK according to reporting requirements.
• Created Score Cards, Dashboards and Key performance Indicators for decision support

(04/08) – (09/09)

using Metric Studio.
Scheduled reports, maintained public and individual folders, user groups and roles using Cognos Connection in Report Studio.  Extensively worked on Performance tuning, Testing and validating the data in Cognos.

•Environment: Cognos 8.4 BI, Cognos 8.3 BI (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio, Event Studio and Metric Studio), Cognos Decision Stream 7.1, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g, TOAD 8.6, Windows 2003

IFC (International Finance Corporation), Washington, DC
Cognos ReportNet Consultant

Project Description: CAPRI (Capital Pricing and Risk) application objective is to provide the
business analyst an integrated data and a flexible analysis and reporting framework, for their
financial and risk assessment activities in the department IFC of World Bank.

• Work with Business Units to define Business strategy and create a centralized reporting
capability for users to perform analytical, and ad-hoc reporting for business applications
and provide accurate information available to Decision Makers.
• Created Relational Data models and Dimension Data models using Framework
Manager to represent the business information and making the model consistent with the
reporting requirements.
•Created User Groups, Roles in Cognos Connection to implement the Security Filters in
Framework Manager Model.
•Created Technical Specifications and Functional Specifications for all reports.
• Created Standard Reports, List Reports, Cross-tab Reports, Charts, Multiple-levels of
Drill through Reports and Master Detail Reports Using Report Studio.
• Created, organized and formatted reports, folders and other contents on Cognos
Connection Portal.
•Developed Cognos transformer models using Cognos Powerplay Transformer.
•Developed Analysis studio Reports and cubes using Analysis Studio.
•Developed Customize and Burst Reports using Report Studio.
• Performance tuning by analyzing and comparing the turn around times between SQL and Cognos.
•Created Run and Schedule Reports and Jobs using Cognos Connection.
•Provided technical assistance, training and mentoring to Users and Business Partners.

Environment: Cognos 8.1 BI (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio, Event Studio and Metric Studio),Oracle 9i, Windows2000 Server

GSK (Glaxo Smithkline), King of Prussia, PA
OLAP Developer

Project Description: The purpose of the Profit Management Analysis and Reporting (PMAR) Tool is to enable GSKTS (GSK Trading Services) and GSKE (GSK Export) to perform the profit management reviews. These reviews are required to ensure that the target profit is achieved by GSKTS and GSKE.

In addition to transfer prices and sales volumes, the profit is also dependent on associated expenses and costs for example Promotional expenses, Freight charges etc for which the allocation will be performed in PMAR.

(08/06) – (03/08)

(01/05) – (07/06)

• Involved in Installing and Configuring ReportNet Server, Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio and Cognos Connection Portal.
•Interacted with business users for their requirement.
•Involved in Startegic Planning for Cognos ReportNet Framework Model.
•Built Models and published Packages utilizing Framework Manager.
•Created database connections for different data sources.
•Created Reports (Simple & Complex) using Query Studio and Report Studio for training purpose.
• Created, organized and formatted reports, folders and other contents on Cognos Connection Portal.
• Created several different types of ad-hoc (Simple List, Grouped List, Section Heading, Crosstab, and Nested Crosstab) Reports and represented data graphically by Charts utilizing Query Studio.
• Created several different types of Professional Reports (Mailing Labels, Cascading, Linked /Drill Through, Production, Business, Ranking, etc.) with complex formatting utilizing Report Studio.
•Loaded data from the files got in different formats into the development and production systems using DTS.
•Used DTS to migrate the existing data from MS-Access to Sql Server 2000.
•Worked with ETL team in designing the data model using Star Schema.
• Created a model using Framework Manager and packed the model with Reports and published on to the ReportNet Server.
•Developed Customize and Burst Reports using Report Studio.
• Produced Queries and Reports in Multiple Languages, Format, Present and Distribute Reports utilizing Different Layouts, Multiple Report Objects and Multiple Logical Pages.
•Created Run and Schedule Reports and Jobs using Cognos Connection.
• Involved with Scheduling and Distributing Reports through Schedule Management in Cognos Connection.
•Tested and debugged Cognos metadata layer reports.
•Developed Standard templates in Report Studio for developing reports.
•Performed Unit testing for all developed reports.

Environment: Reportnet1.1MR2, Framework Manager, Query Studio, Report Studio,
Cognos Connection, SQL, Oracle 9i, TOAD 7.4., UNIX

CISCO, San Jose, CA
Cognos ReportNet Consultant

Project Description: Sarbanes-Oxley Express (SOX Express) is an Internal Controls Management System that empowers CEOs, CFOs and financial management officers to document internal controls as setup by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

SOX Express allows users to easily see the status of their internal controls documentation project, and provides a secure repository for the storage of their IC documentation.

SOX Express has many features that assist users in documenting their internal controls. Some of the most important are:
• The Compliance Repository
• Powerful Compliance Automation
• Configurable Interactive Monitoring
• Unparalleled User Productivity

Reports which help the management to view the data captured using Sox Express tool are
developed using Cognos ReportNet.


Co-ordinate with On-site team in gathering the business requirements of reports.

(01/04) – (12/04)

Modifications in the package already developed by Open Pages (Third Party) based on the reporting requirements.
Responsible for getting the reports developed by the team members and delivering the same to the user after doing unit testing Deployed packages, folders, and content store in production environment.

•Environment: Cognos ReportNet 1.1 MR1, Oracle 9i, TOAD 7.4., UNIX

CISCO, San Jose, CA
ETL Developer

Project Description: Channel Bookings, maintains the orders CISCO gets from customers.
Bookings could be Entered i.e., customer places an order and Not Cisco Booked (NCB) i.e.,
Order raised but not purchased or No revenue on that order. After the order is booked, if it
satisfies the Cisco Policy then it is Invoiced and then GL-posted, Credit Memo or Debit Memo


Co-ordinate with On-site team in gathering the business requirements.
• Developed and implemented the enhancements in ETL procedures using Informatica tool and deployed successfully.
•Developed and implemented PL\SQL procedures.
•Involved in testing phase.
• Responsible for documentation of the anticipatory risk factors where failure of the ETL mappings can take place and necessary steps to be taken when failure occurs.

Environment: Informatica Power Mart 4.7, Power Centre 4.7, Oracle 9i, TOAD 7.4.,Unix

Bear Stearns (Investment Banking firm),NYC,NY
Cognos Consultant

Project Description: Bear Stearns is one of the leading companies in Investment Banking.  Bear Stearns plan was to migrate all their reports from Infomaker, Power Builder to Cognos Impromptu. There were nearly 200 reports to be converted into cognos - impromptu from power builder. Impromptu reports were developed using catalog where the catalog is built using tables, views and stored procedures (OLTP design). The reports were developed in impromptu and published in Upfront where the user is provided to view the report in four
different formats (Pdf, Excel, CSV, Html). Power prompt applications for some of the above mentioned reports are also developed to facilitate the validations of input parameters more appropriately.


•Interacted with the users for understanding and gathering business requirements.
Involved in the analysis, design, develop, testing, deployment and user training of analytical transactional reporting system.
Involved in design and development of user classes, filters, calculations, prompts and conditions in Catalog and query definition files in Impromptu Administrator.
Optimized by assigning relative weights to the tables in the Catalog and Query Performance (in Governor's settings).
Created Catalog in Impromptu Administrator to create Reports.
Generated reports using Cognos Impromptu tools querying database.
Created list reports and cross tab reports and drill through reports.
Created various Drill through reports from report to report.
Created User Classes and Users in Access manager.
Created Cubes by using Cognos Power Play to analysis.
Worked on Cognos Security Administration to restrict the Users.
Created Models by using Impromptu Query Definition (IQD) in Power Play

(12/02) – (12/03)

(08/01) – (11/02)

Extensively worked on Power Prompts.
Used Power Prompts Developer Studio for Designing Application.
Created Prompts to User Defined Filters.
Used Power Play Enterprise Server to publish the cubes.
Maintain the Cube Security by Category level and Dimension level.
Used Cognos Scheduler to schedule the Reports.
Updated Impromptu Catalog by adding tables and creating new joins.
Good knowledge in Unit/integration Testing.
Extensively worked on TOAD tool, testing the queries.
• Discussed business requirements and mapped business needs using Cognos Transformer.
•Successfully developed and implemented Metrics using Cognos Impromptu.
•Developed Visualizer Charts to make better decisions.
• Installed, Configured and did Performance Tuning Cognos EP Series as Business Intelligence tool.

•Environment: COGNOS EP Series (Impromptu Administrator, Impromptu Web Reports Power
Play, Transformer, Power Play Enterprise Server, Access Manager, Server Administrator,
Upfront (for Web),Power Builder,DB2 (UDB) 8.1,Windows2000 Server

Universal Textile Mills , India
Cognos Consultant

Project Description: Processes that Identify, Prioritize and Improve areas of performance that have the greatest impact on customer loyalty. Keep as many customers as possible, keep them satisfied, keep them loyal, and keep them for life. Measuring their performance over time and against competitors, how they drive customer feedback through the organization to build lasting customer relationships.


•Extensive interaction with Business Users and gather information and requirements.
Installed and configured Cognos Power Play and Impromptu software
Developed reports like drill through reports, sub reports, list reports using Cognos Impromptu.
Created catalogs from multiple databases with the help of Hot Files (.ims)
Enhanced the existing reports and created new reports as per the user requirements.
Handled optimization of queries for better response from impromptu.
Created Models by using Impromptu Query Definition (IQD) in Power Play Transformer.
Created Catalog and assigned joins as per the requirements.
Generated the reports using Cognos Impromptu by querying the data from different database tables as per the requirement.
Customized the reports by adding calculations, conditions and functions.
Created List Reports, Cross Tab Reports and Drill through reports.
Created Filters, Conditions and Prompts in Catalog.
Defined, created, maintained and published Power cube and PowerPlay web reports and published IWR reports on the web.
Worked extensively on Oracle database. Troubleshoot for SQL issues/performance issues.
Participated in the development of catalogs, multiple queries with complicated reports and query definition files using various join and filter conditions in Impromptu.
Created Dimensional Maps, Transformer Models, Power-Cubes and Drill through.
Did detailed reports, catalogs, folders filters, prompts, calculated columns and conditions for multi dimensional analysis.
Published on IWR Server.
Worked extensively with Power Play Enterprise Server and the Upfront in publishing the cube.
Automating tasks with Cognos Scheduler using Macros, Cognos Script Editor and Cognos Script Dialog Editor.

•(03/00) – (07/01)

•Optimized Catalog by using Database Interaction, Client/Server balancing, Database functions, Table Weighting and Qualification, Governors Settings.

Environment: Cognos EP Series 7, SQL Server 7.0, Windows 2000

Client Dalmia Securities Limited, India
Senior Developer

Project Description: BrokBO is the Product, which handles the brokers back office activities.
This product provides a complete solution to automate the back office activities. The system allows to define various related brokers and handle their trading activities like…

•Processing the trade files (both Capital Market and Futures & Options)
•Handling the Deliveries of Securities to Clients and Stock Exchange.
•Managing Accounts of Brokers defined in BrokBO system.
Generating various reports for brokers like trade summary report, Obligation reports, service tax reports, stamp charges reports etc.,


Responsible in the Analysis of client specification, designing and documentation.
Developed dynamic web pages using ASP.NET.
Involved in manual functional testing.
Developed Test Scenarios and Test Cases.
Responsible in the analysis and evaluation of third party tools.
Responsible in developing stored procedures and database design in SQL Server

Environment: Asp.Net, VB.Net, Ado.Net, SQL Server 7.0, Windows 2000

Delco Remy Electricals India Ltd, India
Senior Developer

Project Description: Information Management System (IMS - Prod) is a Production based system including Production Plan, Material Requirement Plan and Marketing plan. Basically it is made in to a product which suites any type of production environment. The various modules included in this product are Marketing, Engineering, Purchase, Stores, Sub Contract, Production and Dispatch. Each module deals with the corresponding department in depth to input all the required data and let us to analyze the data for generating detailed reports for designing the plans (like production plan, marketing plan etc)


•Responsible in design and development.
Developed dynamic web pages using ASP.
Responsible for developing Database design.
Responsible for developing User Interface.

•Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, Ms-Access2000 / Oracle, Windows 98

Academic Qualification:

Msc (S/W Applications), Bharathiyar University, Coimbartore, India
BSc(Computer Science) , Sri Venkateswara University, India

(03/99 - 02/00)

(06/98) – (02/99)

Certifications :

1. Cognos ReportNet Modeling Product Professional
2. Cognos ReportNet Server Administration
3. PowerPlay Series 7 Product Professional

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New BI Resource Available 20100919-001

New BI Resource Available 20100919-001

Email us today if you`re interested in this resource

Looking for a part-time remote Cognos Developer/Architect job.

Experience developing different Cognos solutions for last 4.5 years as an architect/developer/project manager.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cognos 8 Diagnostic: Cognos 8 Diagnostic tools are coming soon...Be s...

Cognos 8 Diagnostic: Cognos 8 Diagnostic tools are coming soon...

Be s...
: "Cognos 8 Diagnostic tools are coming soon... Be sure to visit: http:..."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New BI Resource Available 20100427-001

Email us today if you`re interested in this resource

    To work with team spirit in an esteemed organization where my knowledge of Information Systems can be utilized in organizational and personal growth. A challenging position in the field of Information Systems that would provide an opportunity for learning and applying Software Engineering and Database Development skills based on the knowledge of current tools, trends and technologies. I am confident, self-motivated and hard working. I usually get pleased to meet new people and user groups to keep myself up to date. I am target oriented and willing to swim on horizon of Information Technology Management.

      • Summary:

        A Senior Application Developer/Team Lead with over 5 years experience in full Life Cycle development including business analysis, architecture, design, development, deployment & Management using Microsoft technologies. Extensive experience in Design & Architecture of Data Models and Database for MS SQL Server. 3 years of experience in Business Intelligence using Pentaho, Cognos 7 and Cognos8. 3 years experience in designing and developing desktop applications on Microsoft platform using VB, VB.NET, SQL Server 2000 and Crystal Reports. Have domain knowledge of various businesses like Banking, Stock Exchange, Mortgages, E-Learning and Insurance division. Developed various desktop and web enterprise applications using Cognos, VB, VB.NET, Crystal Reports, Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server and MS Access.

        • Technical Skills

          B.I Tools: Cognos 7, Cognos 8, Pentaho Kettle

          Databases: Teradata, MS SQL Server 2000 & 2005, MS Access, Oracle and DB2.

          Development Tools: Visual Studio.NET, MS Visio, MS Project and MS Office.

          Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, JReports, Active Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Xcelsius

          Live Cycle Tools: Adobe Live Cycle Designer 7.1 & 8.1

          Version and Source Control: Visual Source Safe, SVN

          • Education & Credentials

            SZABIST- Karachi, Pakistan

            M.S in Computer Science, completed in 2006 with 3.66 CGPA.

            BAHRIA UNIVERSITY- Karachi, Pakistan

            B.S.E in Computer Science, completed in 2004 with 3.28 CGPA.

            Adamjee Science College- Karachi, Pakistan

            Intermediate – Pre Engineering , completed in 2000 with B Grade.

            Al Murtaza School- Karachi, Pakistan

            Matriculation - Science, completed in 1998 with A Grade.


          • Certificate of Achievement – Outstanding Performance from RBS
          • Exceptional Team Award from Systems Limited.(Worked as Component Lead in this project)
          • Outstanding Team Award from Systems Limited.(Worked as Team Lead in this project)

            • Professional Experience

            From: December 2009-Till Date Data Warehouse Engineer at 360Training


            Responsibilities include Designing and Development of Data warehouse and to keep intact with all of the systems running in company. Be involved in full life cycle development and implementation of enterprise data warehouse, BI reporting and analytical services.

            • Designed and Developed Data Warehouse to be capable of containing all Revenue Related Data. Tools: SQL Server 2005/2008
            • Developed ETL to migrate data from all the Systems that are currently being used in company which include Virtual University , Learner MS , Learner Course MS , My Classroom Management. Tools: Pentaho Kettle , SQL Server 2005/2008
            • Improvement of the Database Designs and Optimization of queries that are not performing effectively. Tools: SQL Server 2005/2008
            • Working with Network Operations team to resolve Performance and Other Database related issues. Helping out other teams in Query Optimization and Database Development.
            • Migration of Store Front(IBM) Data to Data Warehouse . Tools: Pentaho Kettle , SQL Server 2005, DB2
            • Migration of Quick books Data to Data Warehouse . Tools: Pentaho Kettle , SQL Server 2005, QODBC

            From: June 2008-December 2009 Assistant Manager – Business Intelligence Unit at RBS


            Responsibilities include Managing a Data Warehouse, understanding new requirements, analyze the problems, suggest the solutions, implement the changes, develop BI analytics such as (Reports, Cubes and Dashboard), and perform the verification with associate department.

            • Developed Cubes for Operations, AD&E, Liabilities and Asset Marketing by which user can perform various analytics like Cross Sell, CM Retention and Segmentation. Tools: Cognos 7, Teradata
            • Designed strategic reporting for Consumer Risk Management some of which includes IS-Was analysis, Vintage Analysis, Utilization Analysis, Collection & Collection Performance Reports, and Product Caps Report. Tools: Cognos 8, Teradata
            • DWH Administration Tools: Teradata
            • Providing demand analytics and reports for different departments like Operations, Finance, AD&E, Business Quality, Branch Banking, Wealth Management Unit, Secured Assets and Unsecured Assets. Tools: Teradata, Excel
            • Designed and Developed Reports & Dashboards for Business Heads/Branch Banking Users which include Weekly Dashboard , Monthly Dashboard , Comparison of Current Picture with SPLM , Branch Performance Report , Turnover Report, Account Deepening Report.

            Tools: Teradata, Cognos 8

            From: Feb 2007-May 2008 Senior Software Engineer at Systems Limited


            Responsibilities include Managing Team, understanding new requirements, analyze the problems, making project plan, initiate development and implement the changes, updating stakeholders, taking care of each and every step from analysis till deployment.

            • Worked as DBA/Team Lead for Reporting Module/Forms of Victors Application designed for Lenders First Choice (Title Insurance Application). Tools: Cognos 8.2 (BI Tool) / SQL SERVER 2005 (Back end)/Adobe Live Cycle 7.1,8.1(LiveCycle Tool)
            • Worked as Team Lead for Reporting Module of Registrar/Transfer Authority system designed for Central Depository Company. Reports were designed for Corporate Actions, Administration, General, Transfer and SBP sections. Tools: JReports (Reporting Tool) / Oracle 10g (Back end).
            • Developed the Reporting module of Visi Loan Review designed for Bank of America and Freddie Mac. Reports for all type of loans were developed.

              Tools: Crystal Report (Reporting Tool) / SQL SERVER (Back end) / ASP.NET (Front end)

            From: July 2006-Feb 2007 Software Engineer at Wavetec Pvt. Ltd.


            • Developed Stock Game for Dubai Financial Market. This project is a game and all the operations and functionality are same as of Real Stock Market. SG is designed for the competition which is arranged by DFM for the students of different schools every year. Important feature of this project is that it was designed in such a way that it’s not restricted to one market and one student can play in more than one market at a time with the same portfolio affected. Tools: ASP (Front end) / SQL SERVER (Back end).
            • Designed and Developed eqConfiguration System. This project is basically a configuration system for Electronic Queue Management System It was designed various clients in UAE. This project has two other parts, which are Desktop Ticket Dispensing Unit, which talk with router and get the ticket number and then print that ticket, other part was LCD TDU Screen that is a picture based screen, it also have the same functions as Desktop TDU, but from pictures. Tools: VB 6.0 (Front end) / SQL SERVER (Back end) / ROUTER (Linux Based)
            • Designed and Developed Attendance Management System for HR Department. Basically this project was having two parts, one was related to Attendance itself and other was a small portion of HR, so that other salary calculation and other matter of HR could also be resolved using this system. This project also consists of some reports and other process to implement other management policy. Tools: VB.NET (Front end) / SQL SERVER (Back end) / Crystal Report (Reporting)

            From: March 2005-July 2006 Assistant MIS at Crescent Leasing Corporation Limited


            • Designed and Developed Lease Management System. This project consisted module for Leasing, Depreciation, Assets and CIB. Tools: VB 6.0 (Front end) / SQL SERVER (Back end) / Crystal Report (Reporting).
            • Developed CresTreasury. This project consist modules for Treasury and Money Marketing. Tools: VB 6.0 (Front end) / SQL SERVER (Back end) / Crystal Report (Reporting)
            • Developed Attendance Management System. This project was having two parts, first the interface with the IGAURD Machine which recorded the Attendance and secondly the reports and other process to implement other management policy. Tools: VB 6.0 (Front end) / SQL SERVER (Back end) / Crystal Report (Reporting) / IGAURD (Server)
            • Designed and Developed ChequeInfo System, which main aim was to do the cheque management and other issues related to cheques. Tools: VB 6.0 (Front end) / SQL SERVER (Back end) / Crystal Report (Reporting)